Gnome is one of the leading desktop environments for the GNU+Linux systems. It has its own Gnome Way.

Most of the developers of the GNOME desktop environment have the strange idea that GNOME is somehow a "platform" that is separate from, and not a part of, the overall GNU/Linux ecosystem. One direct result of this self-isolation has been the regular breakage of non-GNOME software when it is running in GNOME. This has affected free software project like mpv, SuperTuxKart, SDL and many more. One mpv developer who has had enough of GNOME nonsense made mpv print a "no support" message and exit if it was running under GNOME earlier today.

wm4 later, in a moment of weakness, reverted the commit and replaced the code with a far less based version that only warns GNOME users that they are using a platform developed by egomaniac developers who have no regard for their users or developers of non-GNOME free software:

A new grant from the German Ministry of Education is, GNOME developer Jonas Dressler details in a new blog post, allowing GNOME developers to manifest their mobile ambitions a touch faster.


But he adds that “the basics of navigating the shell, launching apps, searching, using the on-screen keyboard, etc are doable in the context of this project, at least at a prototype stage”.