Hostname is a computer's name in a network. Also, a computer's name.

I give my computers unique hostnames and they are based on locations from The Wheel of Time.


tarvalon is an all-in-one PC. I had it since 2016 and went through a lot with it. For the first year of university, I used to use when I was back at home, but then gave it to my mother.


emondsfield (нередко называемая апельсинкой) — Orange π Lite, которую я использовал в 2020 и 2021 в локальной сети для хостинга Киберрахили. Там ещё бегал Gogs какой-нибудь, которым я не пользовался, и бот для Discord.

Cannot transclude hypha rhuiddean because it does not exist


caemlyn is my Macbook Air 13 with M1. This is my main computer since 2020. It came with Mac OS Big Sur. Sadly, one cannot install Mojave instead. As of 2023-12-02, I am still refusing to install a newer operating system on it.

And some others.