🐫Hypha Stages

Hypha stages is a concept I am using on Melanocarpa. This idea is present in many other digital gardens as well.

It only relates textual hyphae. I'll leave media hyphae be. They are fine, they do not really evolve. They seem to have a good ontology emerging already.

Mostly empty hyphae shall be called seeds, or graines in French. They are in /category/graine.

Hyphae that have some content are saplings, or semis in French. They are in /category/semis.

Well-written hyphae, worthy of publishing and thinking about, are trees, or arbres in French. They are in /category/arbre.

2022-07-24 I put hyphae into these categories. I ended up having 57 arbres, 133 semis and 73 graines. I still don't have a precise algorithm for deciding what goes where, but these numbers are representative. I am glad I have that many arbres. I expected to have ~30.