🐫Inktober 202226 Ego

This picture represents a person who values their ego, and is proud of it. A proud person, thus. Some might say egoistic.

I really like the visual rhythm of this picture. Look at how black and white work: they are always nearby in comparable doses. Except for the jacket, I didn't figure a good way to add rhythm there. But it still ended up well.

The pine trees are inspired by a work by Nasyrov Rinat:. I visited an exhibition of his at 2021-10-19 at the Kazan State Art Museum. Note that I carried the concept in mind for a whole year! The moon placement idea comes from there too, but the straight line of starts is my invention, I think.

You can look at some of works by Nasyrov on Rinfom:. The photos are bad, the paintings were so much better in real life.

Some people think that person on the picture is me. Who knows. The hair is similar, but the rest is not.