🌙Lua is a scripting programming language designed to be embedded in other systems by exposing a simple C API. The whole language is centered around one important data structure: tables.

redbean is an open source webserver in a zip executable that runs on six operating systems. The basic idea is if you want to build a web app that runs anywhere, then you download the redbean.com file, put your .html and .lua files inside it using the zip command, and then you've got a hermetic app you can deploy and share.

redbean embeds Lua, SQLite, and MbedTLS into a fork() driven application server that benchmarks at 1.1 million qps on a personal computer. It's got a live bestline REPL with code completion and a UNIX module too, that lets you directly use the Cosmopolitan Libc system call interface. redbean furthermore provides sandboxing and system call tracing for security. This makes redbean a great fit for when you want to build an app that's vertically integrated into a single tiny file that runs on nearly all PCs and servers.

this is boiling hot

Alamantus says what's wrong with it:

Little inconsistencies in behavior across platforms, like saving files to the filesystem will work in one OS and not another (my current problem), sometimes some Lua will run and other times will just display a blank screen (this could be ignorance on my part, but theres also little communication from the server when things go wrong), and the documentation is incomplete in exactly the ways that frustrate me.

All in all, it makes me feel like the only people who can really use it well are those who are way smarter than me