Python is a scripting programming language.


Packaging in Python is a pain for me. From now on, I will try to collect some articles describing people failing to publish a Python package.

I've been trying to figure out python3 packaging, but have only had some success. As always I guess it comes down to the combination of me not having the prerequisite knowledge to understand some docs, and me wanting to do something that isn't really supported.

bouncepaw: I tell you what. On all the machines I've tried, never have I succeeded to install a Python package and get it running on the first attempt. Never. Be it GNU+Linux, be it Mac, whatever. Never happened. Always, there are problems that require some shamanic actions.

chekoopa: "You just don't know how to cook 'em". No problems with pip, except of some exotic C++-FFI libs requiring on-site compilation. Even more, after switching to NixOS the only reason Python ecosystem could fail for me is a rare library or packaging bug. Even more, with Nix it becomes dead simple to package a Python app. No virtualenv's, no requirements.txt, ever.

bouncepaw: Yeah, I have no idea how to cook em. But I do expect that installing a random package will succeed with no prior configuration. That's what package managers are what, right? NixOS saves the day!


chekoopa: GIL is a dirty workaround and sucks. The only reasonable way to do parallel jobs with Python is asyncio, which is still a single thread with sugared control passing.