🐫Questioning Wall

Questioning wall is a location, famous for the Questioner, its dweller. In the center of the wall, there is an alcove which is wider to the bottom. The Questioner lives in that alcove. Near the alcove there are two vertical scriptures, which are still not deciphered.

The Questioner is not aggressive and does not ask questions unless you ask him to. However, once you start asking, his magic (charisma?) will hold you in place until the questioning is done. The Questioner is benevolent and wants everyone to improve, he usually uses the Socratic method to teach his interlocutors something new.

The Questioner is very old, he's a little younger than the wall itself. It is unknown how the wall was called before the Questioner settled down here. It is unknown how he got here and if he can move away.

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