🐫Rpn Calculator

RPN calculator is a calculator that uses Reverse Polish Notation.

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TFW #uxn's calc is easier to use than the other calculators because it is stack-based

I always had problems grasping the concept of calculator applications. Infix notation is not for buttons. Resorted to programming environments on computers, to a combination of calculator application and paper (+ pen) on mobile

Now, there is calc. It also makes cute sounds


Have you tried CCCC, or are you using the calc.rom from the repo?

I use calc.rom from the distribution on the website. It might be outdated already, dunno.


it's fine, it's not outdated or anything. I've done a more compete version for my own use, you might like it https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/cccc.html

it's an RPN (reverse polish notation) type calculator, and RPN is useful because it resolves order of operations in a simple way, without needing any parentheses

i have a swissmicros dm-16l, it's basically a modern-day remake of the HP 16C programmer's calculator, which is also RPN and supports a lot of things programmers need (bitwise logic, word sizes up to 64 bits, hex/dec/oct/bin modes...)

i decided to see if there's a calculator app that has RPN in my distro's repos, turns out there's qalculate which has an RPN mode and is _extremely_ customizable