Search is the process of searching things, yeah.

Search engines

monocles is a project founded to move to a more secure, ecofriendly, privacy respecting, fair and open source technical and digital life for everyone. monocles search is the most privacy-respecting, secure and ethical public search engine due to a open source meta-search engine combined with open source peer-to-peer search engines, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users and directly powered with renewable energy.

I would've linked a search query, but it doesn't save them in URLs for some reason. Try mycorrhiza wiki, it shows https://mycorrhiza.wiki first, good.

Search engines put their money on computation, or to use today’s parlance, algorithms (or if you’re really shameless, AI). Directories put their money on humans. Good ol’ information architecture.

It turned out that computation scaled faster than humans. Search won out over directories.