🐫Ares Corp.

Ares Corp. is an imaginary organization I imagined when I was something like 11 or 12 years old. I vaguely remember it was a corporation that built buildings and software, and also had a really big headquarters × laboratory, inspired by Aperture Science from the Portal series.

In 2022, while looking for self-identification, I remembered this image. I never really forgot it, actually. Ares Corp. is to be superceded by a different imaginary organization, that will symbolize my work. It won't be a Corporation, it will something else. There are many legal entity types, will spend some time choosing.

Ares Corp. has a good logo. See Ares logo. I remember modifying Minetest asset files and adding a pixelated version of it on blocks, and incorporating it in my buildings. I wonder if I can find the save file and the modified assets.