Araneo is a concept of a Spider Solitaire implementation I wanted to make. I want to write it for uxn, as part of uxnerie. Summer 2023 was the timeframe I thought of originally. As my Spider Solitaire hyperfixation faded, so did my will to implement Araneo.


Card sprites

Numerik drew 8x16 tiles for UXN-based card games, especially Solitaire. This is perfect.

The Mac Spider

The Mac Spider had the following interesting traits:

  • No Hint.

  • Clicking on a stack moves it to the most appropriate location. This alone is enough to make the game high-level and quite different. I want it.

  • The completed stacks are not moved to base automatically.


  • Gotta store statistics.

  • What is the game number generation algorithm?

  • It's not as easy as it seems.

  • I want the four suits to actually have four different colors. Not much left for the UI, since UXN supports no more than four colors at all.