Uxn is a small virtual computer by 100 rabbits. It is often said it is core of Varvara, but I'm not exactly sure what is the difference, so I will talk about both here.

The Uxn ecosystem is a personal computing playground, created to host small tools and games, programmable in its own unique assembly language.

It was designed with an implementation-first mindset with a focus on creating portable graphical applications, the distribution of Uxn projects is akin to sharing game roms for any classic console emulator.

Devine Lu Linvega said:

rest assured that learning Uxn will have absolutely no value whatsoever on your resume.

Uxn and me

I first discovered Uxn in 2022, after long hesitation.

The summer of the same year I held a series of streams, where I learned Uxntal, the assembly language of Uxn.

The keyboard toots

Devine, is the CMD/WIN/SUPER key supported by VARVARA? It's definitely not in Controller/button.

it's no,

Ctrl => A
Alt => B
Shift => Select
Home => Start

yeah cool. Not gonna find any windows keys on the IBM PC keyboard anyway.

or, on the NDS XD