🐫Summer Stream 2022

During the summer of 2022, I held a series of video streams.

Most of the streams were dedicated to me learning about uxn using the Compudanza's famous tutorial. During the streams, I found some errors in the text, which I reported in my notes. Afterwards, they were fixed. Well, at least the ones I re-checked. I just expect the others to had been fixed as well.

The product of the uxn series is my own little tic-tac-toe: xo.tal.

Чтобы на caemlyn, с которого я стримил, было надёжное подключение к интернету, одолжил переходник на эфирнет. Хорошая штука.

Originally, this article was spread into many hyphae (one central and one for each day), but during the Finish it Jam 2023 I merged them all into one (except for images, of course) and cleaned stuff up a little.

2022-06-24 стрим

Провёл тестовый стрим, чтобы проверить переходник на эфирнет. В планы входило пофиксить баг. Где-то за 13 минут баг пофиксил. Было несложно. На этом я стрим заканчивать не хотел, далее убирался в саду.

Это был единственный стрим на русском и единственный стрим не в PeerTube, а в Телеграме, в этой серии стримов.

2022-06-25 uxn stream

This is the first uxn stream in the series. Today I made a hello world program multiple times. It was fun.

How to pronounce uxn? I ended up saying [ˈjuzən], but I suppose there is an agreed pronunciation. I might try [ˈjuxən] and [ˈjuʃən] for fun though. Addendum: there is no agreed pronunciation.


  • The actual video started 8 minutes in. In the next videœ I tried to shorten this delay.

  • Very little people joined during the stream. This trend continued.

  • OBS works well. PeerTube works well, although the 1 minute delay is present.

2022-06-26 uxn stream day 2

Today I did some graphics.

2022-06-27 uxn stream day 3

This is the best stream so far, because I had viewers. A big thank you to Vertigo and Snufkin for being active in the chat. Snufkin helped a lot with jumping across the labels. It was a good idea to announce the stream in the uxn IRC chat. After finishing the tutorial, I started implementing Tic-Tac-Toe, but spent too much time doing it. I will finish it in a follow-up stream.

Vertigo said:

AND, ORA, and EOR are mnemonics found on 6502 and 6800 processors. Uxn probably got them from there. ORA stands for "OR Accumulator."

2022-06-28 uxn stream day 3.1

I continued to develop tic-tac-toe. It turned out to be even harder, so I will be having another follow-up stream.

I have found some bug with stack overflow that happens if you press the buttons enough times. I didn't find what caused it.

2022-06-29 uxn stream day 3.2

Today I fixed some bugs, made the cursor and xo placement work.

I kinda leaped forwards and used some information from day 4. Whatever. Gotta finish this game.

I used division by zero to cause the stacks to be printed. Turns out, there is a canonical way:

00:46:28 <snufkin> This should make it stop as well %DEBUG { #01 #0e DEO }
00:46:37 <snufkin> #0e is System/debug

2022-07-01 uxn stream day 3.3

The third follow-up stream. I finished developing xo.tal and initiated uxnerie during this stream.

2022-07-04 mycorrhiza stream 01

On that stream, I was writing the mycorrhiza>spec, and then started implementing the Table of Contents sidebar, but left early due to a health problem.

2022-07-12 expiring toots

As you know, my toots expire, and on this stream I wanted to show that. Live, I was deboosting and deleting. Some of my toots ended up on удалённое из мастодонта, some boosts ended up being linked somewhere on that garden. Most didn't.

895 toots before. 809 toots after.

19 minutes in, I was rate-limited!! 51 minutes in, I was rate-limited again!! 69 minutes in, I was rate-limited again! After that, I got tired of it. I didn't expire enough toots to my taste.

A couple of people suggested that I use the built-in toot expiration capability. Turns out, it's not just a brutal reap of older posts, it has some kind of granularity, you can ask it to not delete favorited own posts! I think it's not enough.

2022-07-28 uxn stream day 4

I don't get why the vectors and the zero page use the same addresses. How does it work?