🐫Finish It Jam 2023

Finish it Jam is an event hosted by Merveilles, by Alexander Cobleigh specifically. It started on 2023-04-02 and ended on 2023-04-09.

Finish a project you’ve already started, but which needs that extra boost of energy from working along others to cross the finish line—the smaller the project, the better! It may be software, a feature, music, artistic, gardening-related - if you started working on it: it’s applicable.

My participation



  • Fixing flaws in the Statistics assignment. Finishing it. I am turning it in tomorrow morning!


  • The Statistics assignment didn't perform as well as it should have, but whatever. It is done.

  • Finishing the Java assignment.


  • Turning in the Java assignment. It output the wrong values, so I'll have to redo it. Argh.


  • Finishing some drawings.