🐫Uxn 2022-03-27

2022-03-27 Today I tried out the uxn virtual computer. I used the offered emulator for mac OS. Made some screenshots along the way.

Uxn seems to be a graphic-only environment. This computer might be the platform I was missing. What other projects are similar to uxn? pico-8?

Uxn is programmed in its own assembly language. I never programmed in assembly before or in a stack language. Might also consider the assembly as a target for my own programming language!

I wonder if uxn can communicate with a hosting computer, i/e return an exit code or read/write a file.

I have a Nintendo 3DS back home. It supports Nintendo DS cartridges, and uxn is ported to it. Too bad my R4 flash cart is broken. Will try to run uxn on 3DS one day.


Devine responded with something I want to store here:

Uxn is not only graphic, for example, my wiki is written in uxn, and generated through a terminal script: https://github.com/XXIIVV/oscean/blob/main/src/oscean.tal

Uxn is not really similar to Pico8, since Uxn is a VM. A similar project might be more like Another World: https://fabiensanglard.net/another_world_polygons/

To communicate with the host system, you can use the file devices to save/load, or the console to stream bytes. That's how the launcher loads roms, and that's how orca sends midi.

Seems like oscean is written in uxntal now! It used to be written in C. Also, the capability to communicate with the host system is great.