🐫Aronia Zine

Aronia zine is a codename for a hypothetical zine I might publish one day. The word aronia is to complement melanocarpa, since aronia melanocarpa is the plant this garden is named after.

Первое упоминание зина было сделано в Уютной тумбочке:

Possible contents

  • Enkonduko

  • Some pipepunk illustrations

  • A short story, a comic maybe

  • Mycoverse propaganda

  • A guest column

  • An introduction to one of my conscripts


I will print it on A4 paper and fold it in half, thus making it A5. Around 20 pages might be good. I will print around 30 copies. This is quite a lot, actually. I will have to either pay a typography a lot of money to print it, or to craft the book manually. I am not good with joining paper stuff together.

I want to distribute it not only in my city and to my friends, but I want to send it abroad to good people there. Free book, paid shipping.

Further thoughs

My previous post featured some poems. OK I kinda enjoyed writing them! I rarely enjoy reading poetry, but writing it is a completely different thing! Should I make a #zine?