Pipepunk is an artistic movement related to the pipe aesthetic. I coined this term.


  • Complex piping systems.

  • Wires, cords, ropes

  • Power lines

  • Brutalist architecture.

  • Monumental architecture

  • Living inside things that were not meant for living, such as big empty pipes

My drawings

See pipepunk gallery for the gallery of my pipepunk drawings.

Solinopolis is where most of the pipepunkery happens.

A thread from the Fediverse


i had no idea there was a word for this style!
id often see one or two scenes in a cartoons as a kid that kinda matched this look and they really stuck with me, ended up doing allot of doodles like this

I'm glad you liked it! I coined the term. Will you share your doodles?


sadly most of them are in old books or loose paper that isn't at all well organised...

I do kinda feel like doing some new ones though!

Maybe it's time to organize them?


I've definatly tried, before but gur best i have is them being semi chronological, but it doesnt really make it easy to search. and theres also those doodles that just get lost

P. S. They did share: https://tiny.tilde.website/@bx/107917592616829307

Fitting works

Other peoples' ideas I find fitting the idea of pipepunk. Of course, they didn't intentionally try to fit my view, they just liked pipes too.