Solinopolis is a big city, famous for its vast intertangled systems of pipes (σωλήνας stands for pipe). Not so far from it, the Flying Islands float.


N. B. The recordings seem to have mistaken something, the structure is to be revised. Come back later.

  • The New Solinopolis is a one-level district of Solinopolis, where around 40000 people live normal lives in normal houses.

  • The Big Solinopolis is three-layer megastructure. There are 3000 people living here, scavenging the remnants of the old society who used to live here. It is very hard to find a person here, because the district is so big.

    • The Star Layer is known for the fact that you can see stars here. Sometimes.

    • The Ground Layer is the most densely built layer. Most people are found here. There is a lot of artificial lighting.

    • The Crypt is the underground layer. There isn't much light here, so travel with caution.


You are advised to not quit the New Solinopolis district, as it is extremely dangerous to travel in the abandoned Big Solinopolis. Possible causes of death include:

  • Pipes and other objects falling on you.

  • Asphixia (some rooms remove all air sometimes).

  • Murder by other travellers.

  • Hunger.

  • Dehydration.

You might also lose sanity in this maze of pipes. Try not to get lost in the pipes.