Solarpunk is a variant of future with a huge focus on sustainability. I like it!


  • In the wonderful solarpunk future, we do not use telepathy

  • In the wonderful solarpunk future, we have enough time to not do two things at once

Telegram channel with solarpunk-sustainability-biodiversity-anarchist vibes.

Махим Сивоконь рассказывает, что хочет что-то типа солярпанка, но по-севернее.

This two-panel harvester in Nepal provides 500 litres of drinking water a day. Under the right conditions fog harvesting can yield incredible results at little cost.

Fog harvesting is a useful technique for obtaining fresh water in arid climates. The wire meshes currently utilized for fog harvesting suffer from dual constraints: coarse meshes cannot efficiently capture microscopic fog droplets, whereas fine meshes suffer from clogging issues. Here, we design and fabricate fog harvesters comprising an array of vertical wires, which we call “fog harps”. Under controlled laboratory conditions, the fog-harvesting rates for fog harps with three different wire diameters were compared to conventional meshes of equivalent dimensions. As expected for the mesh structures, the mid-sized wires exhibited the largest fog collection rate, with a drop-off in performance for the fine or coarse meshes. In contrast, the fog-harvesting rate continually increased with decreasing wire diameter for the fog harps due to efficient droplet shedding that prevented clogging. This resulted in a 3-fold enhancement in the fog-harvesting rate for the harp design compared to an equivalent mesh.

Someone is going to wire up his Super Nintendo to a solar panel array, and folks from all walks of life are going to come over to play Street Fighter, or just to watch.

A collection of solarpunk and solarpunk-adjacent blogs or sites, both by people on https://sunbeam.city and elsewhere.

A good collection.

The aesthetic-cultural philosophy of solarpunk and the politics of social anarchism were practically made for each other. This site attempts to combine them.