Betula is a single-user self-hosted bookmarking tool for the independent web. It is simple to run and use. I started making it at the end of 2022. It is my main project currently. When I program, I usually program Betula.

Some Betulæ I know of

The first one is mine! As you can see, the pattern of using links as the subdomain has emerged.

Note that every instance is one-person only! Want to have your own Betula? Set up your instance. Having problems? Contact me.

Relation to Mycorrhiza

Both projects are part of the Mycoverse. What does it mean now? Not much, except it means that both projects are heavily connected ideologically and will be connected technically in the future.

Both projects use Mycomarkup as the only markup language.

How to reset password?

  1. Open your Betula file with sqlite3.

  2. Run delete from BetulaMeta where Key like 'Admin%';

  3. Restart Betula. Is it required?

  4. Betula will prompt you for a new username and password when you open it.

Simplest bookmarklet

This one is obsolete. An advanced bookmarklet is built in Betula itself (visit the Bookmarklet page). But if you want it, here it is.


Change the URL with your own.

Read more about the bookmarklet: