Dillo is a smolweb browser. Well, it wasn't initially developed as such, but became one as the time passed by. I would've linked the website, but Wikipedia the free encyclopædia states the domain was overtaken, so I won't.

It begot some forks.

  • DilloNG was ported from Mercurial sources to Git on GitHub. It has additional features.

  • Dillo+ is a fork of both Dillo and DilloNG. I've found it once and immediately betulized. The next day I did my best to install on Caemlyn.

    It has Gemini! Gopher! It aims to become your default browser for accessing the smol web, so they say.

    Read my review of Dillo+ on Fediverse:. There are pictures!


    My review: it is fun, but completely unstable. So many websites just crashed the browser. It wasn't rare at all. I would have been fine with it lacking like 90 % of web standards, but I expected it to at least not crash every so often. The window focus logic also is wrong for some reason?

    Yeah, indeed, the modern web is not friendly to browsers like that, but the browser itself is not particularly enjoyable to be honest. But do not think I am shaming the browser, no! It's a very good project, which I want to support. It just needs more work.

Mac installation of Dillo+

It wasn't as easy as I would've wanted. The developer doesn't use a Mac, but, luckily, all I had to do was changing the Makefile options and installing some libraries. Not something I like doing, but thanks to the maintainers for limiting the number of things I had to do along the way.

I also opened some issues, like a good netizen.