The so-called non-fungible token idea seems to be a threat to the society. Yet I still don't fully understand it to attack nft-folk.

The basic idea is simple. An NFT is an object that states that a particular object (a URL of a picture on a centralised website, quite often) is owned by a particular person. And it is backed up by some crypto blockchain, most often Ethereum.

This video discusses why the design of many popular NFT collections is often considered ugly. Well, for reasonable reasons.

The video also mentions the drama of Qinni, the artist. After her death, some person has stolen her drawings and sold them as NFTs, getting profit. This is both theft and impersonation, so I find it disgusting. See sins for an incomplete list of things I find disgusting.

You can take a look at Qinni's drawings on DeviantArt. She also has an account on Twitter and Instagram, but I won't link them here. There's a picture drawn by her nearby in this article. It is sourced from DeviantArt's servers and may break any day.

This is what her brother said in the comments of the video:

Hey, Qinni’s brother here. I just wanted to say that I definitely appreciate your inclusion of my sister’s case of art theft here, but it is really far, far away from being a unique case. A lot of the theft came from opensea, and I found out about it first from my classmate, and then from a lot of other well-known artists seeing their own artwork being stolen in much the same way. A lot of it was also seen through DeviantArt’s NFT search mechanism.

Throughout her art career my sister’s art has constantly been stolen, and although my sister tried to combat this theft most of the time, the sheer popularity of my sister’s art would basically mean that theft is, in one way or another, inevitable. Now that I’m the custodian of my sister’s legacy, even though I would be the person responsible for chasing down any art theft, I simply do not have the energy or time to chase art theft down, and (fortunately) most of my sister’s fans understand this.

Nonetheless, I have noticed that NFTs definitely have facilitated art theft in a pretty unforeseen way, and (admittedly anecdotally) I’ve seen many other well-known artists see a definite uptick in these instances. Even though I’m aware that not all people who choose to partake in the activity are necessarily “bad people”, and there are some small artists who have managed to use them to support themselves in a meaningful way; I cannot get behind the technology and will not use it myself in the foreseeable future. I see many of its downsides to be quite similar to that of the fine art auctioning world, in that it is definitely a tool that facilitates fraud and laundering schemes. That, combined with its very decentralized and unpredictable environment, leads me to believe that this kind of facilitation to theft and rampant speculation is very much inherent in the technology, at least for the foreseeable future; and the very intense craze about it also leads me to believe that there’s a good chance that it will go bust (even though, admittedly, I don’t have a crystal ball).

All in all, seeing the way NFTs have facilitated the theft of my sister’s work, I cannot in good faith participate in the system, probably ever. I’m happy for small creators who may have managed to support themselves through them, but I am personally against it.

Длинная статья о том, как и почему это плохо. Я не дочитал, но вроде круто. Оставляю здесь как bookmark.

Apparently WinAmp and Instagram are both doing NFTs now, and I am so tired.

But, here's the thing… you can only listen to one album at a time. That huge collection of music you have is mostly sitting idle. So why not turn your library into a tradeable asset?

The idea of NFTs is conflicting and I'm strongly inclined to call it heresy. But I'm not sure yet.