POSSE is an Indie Web principle, encouraging you to post on your own site, syndicate elsewhere. I follow this principle, but not fully. I post my drawings (/category/art) on this site first, and then I post it to Mastodon. But with the rest, it's more like PESOS.

Always remember #POSSE

Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

Your website is your home. Always publish your content there then link to it on other platforms like fedi or copy it to the other platform and link back to the original.

Also use that as your general information hub. Instead of saying "my fedi handle is , my XMPP handle is , my telegram handle is , etc.", just say "my website is , everything you need is there". It's much more convenient.

Your website is your slice of the internet. Make use of it ​:akko_fingerguns:​

And if you don't have a website but want one, DM me and I'll help get you set up ​:peek:​