Programming is an act of commanding a computer to do something, usually, something you want.

Opinions on how to program

Turns out, many programmers have no idea how to, so those who think they know how to, teach the former.

There are some.

Boring languages are underrated. Many appear to be rated quite highly, at least if you look at market share. But even so, they're underrated.

The author states that installation of software has become increasingly complex. They mostly talk about open-source stuff. They emphasize that requiring users to have a whole database such as Postgres to run a an application is wrong. I do agree! Whenever there is a Python application that wants some Postgres and Redis, I just don't install it. There are enough sources of headaches for me already.

Actually, I try to make Mycorrhiza installable! No DB, next to zero CLI options, etc. Leave the crust to the working application! However, I have problems with delivering binaries. Let's work on that.

An article that mentions programming and Christopher Alexander at the same time. Bookmark.