🐫Tech Meet 2022-03-06

The first tech meet. We took these notes together in riseup pad, the meeting took place in Lion's internet office.


  • Me

  • Lion Kimbro

  • Ciprian Craciun

What has been happening (Lion)

  • Left star community due to the divergence of interests

  • Sacred vs Divine

    • Sacred is passive

    • Divine is something happening (driven by God, sometimes)

    • Holy books are both

  • Biosphere 2 project

  • The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse

    • Timur has read it, others have not

Software engineering in eastern Europe universities

  • the topic of weird spaces:

    someobject.method (arg1, arg2, arg3) .method2 ()
    someobject.method ( arg1, arg2, arg3 ).method2 ()
    .method(arg1, arg2, arg3)
  • the language of choice in RU is C++;

  • Timur would have preferred C, Python or Scheme;

  • Ciprian's bash style (no functions, the script calls itself, and the function bodies, are actually contained as arms inside a big case;)

  • both Lion and Ciprian think that perhaps Basic (or Logo) is a better introductory language;

  • https://www.hmc.edu is the college Lion went to;

  • man pages distribution?

  • embed source code with go:embedhttps://github.com/volution/z-run/blob/development/sources/embedded/build.go