🐫Tech Meet 2022-07-04

The second tech meet, after a long pause. The text in this hypha was typed by the attendess.


This time, not on Discord, but on Jitsi. Jitsi worked fine, unlike Discord, with which there were some sound problems.

Matrix is an open-source federated messaging platform.

Uxn is a fantasy computer, virtual machine.

Digital Gardens:

  • Melanocarpa is Timur's digital garden.

  • the tour bus system

  • Agora — an aggregator for digital gardens

  • "Flancia!"— flancia.org — a vision of a future lifestyle

FedWiki vs Mycorrhiza federation approach:

  • Boucepaw's vision:

    • link, transclude, log in across wikis

    • Mycorrhiza wants to be a "rock" - stable, solid

  • Fedwiki's vision:

    • SmallTalk & wiki link somehow (?)

    • plugins, Javascript

    • "Your wiki is your website, and nobody else edits it. Instead, it's forked, and the fork is edited."

    • Fedwiki is like "water" - fluid, liquid

Lion's Pamphlet system written in Tcl/Tk. Text data stored in one LSF format, images are in a separate folder and can be Ctrl+Ved.

Tiled map. Tile, grid vs no grid.

Tried out tree sheets. Kinda fun. It seems they have their own home-grown application format :-(

What Lion likes about Lua:

  1. It's C. It's primitive C.

  2. It's Dictionary-based. ("Tables")

  3. It's Globals-based.

Lion loves Python just like he loves his wife.

Making a programmer community in Seattle. A long monologue about community-building and philosophy.