Agora is a ‘wiki like experimental social network and distributed knowledge graph’, so they said. I would say it's an aggregator of digital gardens and a community around it. Anagora is the first and biggest instance of it. Flancian was the one who created it and the software behind, but there were other good contributors. Thank you!

I'm part of it:. I also frequent the associated video conferences.

Agora makes a big emphasis on graphs and links. Their analogue of hyphae is called a node, nodes are generated from contents from multiple sites. There is also a cool notion of push/pull and go links!

I was inspired by Agora's go links and implemented something very similar in Betula.

2022-01-18 I wrote the author an email about the possibilities of making Agora and Mycorrhiza compatible. 2022-03-06 Melanocarpa was added to Anagora, along with Mycorrhiza support. Furthermore, in 2023 proper support of Mycomarkup was added.

The Agorans also seem to be using git-based markdown-driven digital gardens mostly. It is the default choice for many, but luckily support for more formats was added. Mycorrhiza, for example, is supported! There is also Betula in Agora.

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You can't really talk about Agora without Flancia.