🐫Betula In Agora

Betula sites want to be federated and shared, at least they pretend to. In this note I describe how Betulae can be included in Agora, given no additional federation capabilities are added to Agora1.

This document is outdated. See https://git.agor.ai/bouncepaw repos for an actual implementation, and https://anagora.org/@bouncepaw-betula and https://anagora.org/@bouncepaw-flancian to see how it looks in Agora.


  1. In Flancia, there is a Betula.

  2. Daily, an unauthenticated script fetches /cat to see all categories. It is unauthenticated, so no private links leak. There is also a git repository set up.

  3. For each category:

    1. Create a file called <category name>.myco.

    2. Write

    = <category name>
    <category description>
    1. For each link in category:

      1. Write

    == <link title> ([[<post url> | on Betula]])
    [[<link url>]]
    <link description>
    1. An Agora then fetches the repository somehow.

    Note that the link description is formatted in Mycomarkup2. It can thus be inserted verbatim. But what if the Betula administrator writes descriptions that break the formatting of further links in the resulting document? So be it.

  4. git add .
    git commit -m `date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
    git push


1 Id est Agora continues to aggregate Git repositories. Currently, Agora has a poor support of Mycomarkup, but Flancian wanted to improve it, and I believe he will, so I'm not considering Mycomarkup support to be an obstacle. In the future, a anagora>agora.yaml convention might arise, thus removing the need for such a script.

2 Perhaps, Betula could provide a special API for exporting categories in such Mycomarkup documents. /cat-as-myco/ or something. Less requests is better.