🐫Tech Meet 2022-07-22

Participants: me, Lion Kimbro, Kartik Agaram.


TechMeet, Lion's Internet Office,
2022-07-21 11:55pm, Seattle time
2022-07-22 6:55am, UTC
2022-07-22 11:55pm, Yekaterinburg, Russia


  • trying to mimic a notebook like paper and pencil

Ivan Sutherland, SketchPad

  • Lines

  • Pensieve

  • Linking without Names; Anonymous (not titled, not named) Identifiers

  • an Editor that folds information behind the words

  • APL & BQN -- https://mlochbaum.github.io/BQN/index.html

  • Lion's Project: D&D, Communities, DM dynamics

  • Conversational Spaces in real life and Internet

  • Conversational Tags that anyone can attach or detach to utterances, and that infect replies to ripple through a conversation

  • Preserving Valuable things from conversational spaces w/ ForgiveAndForgetInSoftware

  • Text vs. Speech

  • "Orality" -- such as "The Hacker's Dictionary" (programming = an oral culture)

    • It's not about spoken vs. written

    • It's more about: History is constantly lost, unless you make an effort

  • ...

  • "Is it worth believing in?" or "Do I like it?"

  • "Why is this God so cruel?" "You have to submit, and then it makes sense to you."

  • "We shouldn't believe things just because they are true; We should believe them because they are worth believing."

Why we write

http://akkartik.name/post/wangs-carpets -- how minds can be both materialistic and souls can yet exist

Hogfather, from Terry Pratchet's discworld, on the relationship between ideals/dreams and matter:

anti-communication - Herbert Brun
SmolNet - Fediverse - "Commercial Web" - IndieWeb - (anti-complexity movements)

Fediverse -- network of social networks



What Kartik thinks of when he thinks of every moment being immortal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b005iHf8Z3g