🐫The Algorithm

In proprietary social media, the algorithm often decides what you see. They can manipulate what you see, what you think, et cetera. I believe this to be a manifestation of Babylon.

Customizable algorithms

There is that idea that sometimes pops up on Fediverse: why not let users write their own algorithms? Well, why not? Lua or Scheme are good choice for programming such algoe.

On the other hand, this is kinda funny. Leviathan gives you The Algorithm, that learns what you like and want to see, then proceeds to do that, but you rebel and go for chronological-only Fediverse. Then you want to program your own algorithm, except it's somehow good this time.

Whenever I like it or not, hidden deboost/boost rules of algorithm are really shaping the future of Pepper&Carrot. It cost me to admit that, because I thought I made the most independent structure ever with the self-hosted website of Pepper&Carrot and the blog, but it is not enough. Proprietary social medias are manipulating timeline and use your posts and mine to better place their adv in between (or better, to use them as adv). That's why I have to be an in-situ entertainer and not someone trying to attract you on a external link.