🐫Toot Expirator

Toot expirator is a little program that generates a text excerpt to insert into удалённое из мастодонта, my storage of toots I no longer want to have in my Mastodon account, and deletes the toot. It is up to me whether I want to save the text to the list.

As I often say, my toots expire. Mine do so in a manual manner.

I no longer use, as I no longer expire my toots this much.

How to use

  • When I want to expire a toot, I open its standalone page.

  • I select its URL in the omnibar.

  • I select the service called 🐘 Toot expirator in the menu.

  • The program deletes the toot, and prepares the text excerpt.

  • The text excerpt is saved to a file, so I can access it later, and copied to the clipboard, so I can paste it right away.


<text> — <time> <fav> <boost>, where:

  • <text> is the text of the toot.

  • Time is the time. Format like this would be the best: 2022-05-08 18:13:08 UTC.

  • <fav>

    • If the toot is not favorited by anyone, empty

    • Else, ⭐️ <number>

  • <boost>

    • If the toot is not boosted by anyone, empty

    • Else, 🔁 <number>

Example: * Rageful, tired — 2022-04-19 18:08 UTC. It was once a real toot. It no longer is.


This is a program for caemlyn. I use Automator. If you want to adapt the program to something else, you will have to think of a different thing. In the Automator workflow, I have a wrapper that runs ~/src/toot-expirator/toot-expirator.py, this is the path with the program. I used Python, because there is a library. Do not forget to install it beforehand: sudo pip3 install Mastodon.py.