🐫Merveilles Migration

In October 2022, I decided that it's time to migrate my Mastodon account from https://lor.sh to https://merveilles.town, the instance of Merveilles. And so I did. I'm on https://merveilles.town/@bouncepaw.

As you know, my toots expire. I added a lot of entries to удалённое из мастодонта and moved several threads here:

and you can find more traces in other places

How it all started?

Devine Lu Linvega:

The reason I ask for a personal website for vetoing applications to the instance is that every other time someone sends me their [pinterest/instagram/arena/facebook/..] and all that gives me is 2-3 selfies before it requests I sign in. Which I won't do.

Ah, so one can apply for Merveilles? I thought it was invite-only


Usually people just ask if they can come on over, or are invited by someone already on the instance.

Sounds fun. If I asked, would I have been accepted? It's not like I want to, just interested


yeah, I've been following you for a while and seem like you're pretty much merveilles adjacent.


The decision

2022-10-16, 5 stars!

Oh, I think I should state that publicly. I'll ask for migration to Merveilles once I'm done expiring my toots here. I've deleted around 500 toots over the last 3 days by hand. I want to leave around a hundred toots here on this server. The best toots, a golden collection!

Some toots go to my garden after expiration, of course. Some of them are here: https://melanocarpa.lesarbr.es/hypha/удалённое_из_мастодонта

The reasons for the migration are as follows (a comprehensive list):

  1. I write in English mostly, and this instance is more Russian.

  2. I act like a Merveille anyway. Some of them mistook me for one already.

  3. There are nice people there!