🐫Mycoclipper 2.0

Mycoclipper 2.0 was an idea of a program for clipping web content and inserting it to Melanocarpa. It could have been a direct descendant of Mycoclipper 1.0 which did the same but with Cyberrachel. In the end, it was not needed due to the introduction of Betula and its bookmarklet, thus Mycoclipper 2.0 was never implemented.

The new version would have supported fuzzy search and in-place hypha creation.

Thanks to a different content model, inserting content to Melanocarpa this way would be much enjoyable. In Rachel, I had clippable hyphae for topics, but not for subjects, id est I couldn't have cyberpunk and solarpunk, I had a hypha for all -punks. It works ok while it is easy to determine where goes what. When it's not, it's a hassle.