This is my Now page. From time to time, not often, I shall update this page. It says what I am generally about currently. Last updated: 2023-04-30 2023-06-13 2023-06-17 2023-08-02 2024-01-01.


The fifth semester was a breeze at first, but near the end it became hardcore. I finished it fine, only the exams in January remain for now. See December Adventure 2023, which is 99 % university stuff.


I still remember the April's Moscow trip fondly and looking forward to next April's Saint-Petersburg trip.

I am currently staying at Ufa for the New Year holidays. Indeed, this town helps my mental health.


Had little time during the end of the fifth semester. Am looking forward to implementing ActivityPub subscriptions in Betula.


Barely drawing. Failed Inktober 2023. This is the first Inktober I didn't finish. I declared the loss on the last day of 2023.

The comic anthology I took part in kinda disappeared. Oh whatever, I don't even care now.


Had talks about starting an internship at a bank. In the end, they postponed it until March. Whatever.

Plans for 2024

  • Get a job

  • Maybe move away from the dorm

  • Work on Betula federation

  • And the very personal stuff too

2023 brought mixed feelings to me. Many things could have been much better.